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The BlackBoujeeBeauty Brand was curated with the mission and vision  to Educate, Elevate and Empower  Women across the World to live the life that we truly desire by embracing aspects of ourselves that may have been suppressed due to social,  economic and mindset limitations. Here we focus on recognizing non effective habits, relationships and routines that may no longer serve the person that we envision our highest self to be and in turn building that foundation that will take us from who we once thought we were to the person that we have always dreamed of becoming. In order to do this it is important that we understand that it will always come back to the mindsets that we carry.   Knowing just how powerful our minds are and shifting it  away from one of scarcity, doubt and fear to of abundance, prosperity, happiness and success is the most powerful tool that we have. The biggest obstacle that we can face besides ourselves in this journey is being unsure of where or how to begin and that is why BlackBoujeeBeauty was created to not only act as a guide with our featured blog post and video content but as a way for us to connect and learn from one another.

                                  So Sis Breathe And Enjoy The Beauty Of Becoming.
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My Story


To be the measurer and manager of my own time, happiness and success. I understood that in order to do all of these things that I dreamed of and to truly feel free I had to get to the root of ineffective habits and routines that did not align with the woman that I picture in my head and write about in my journal. Understanding how finances work and fixing my inconsistent relationship with it had to be done, observing people and situations that I chose to contribute my time and energy to had to be re-visited but most importantly how I viewed myself, how I treated myself and how I spoke to me required a few mirrors, self-help books and isolating situations that made me realize that the root to all of this was Mindset. I write with the intent to inspire and motivate others that the life that they want is attainable and that the person that we envision ourselves to be does exist. If you can vision it you can become it, If you can think it you can be it and if you can plant those seeds that garden will grow, but it all starts within us.

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