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Content Creator Essentials Guide

1. Canon PowerShot Digital Camera G7 X Mark II- While our phones do an amazing job at taking photos and shooting content, investing in this camera will elevate your photo & vlogging game taking it to the next level.

2.MacBook Air Laptop- Shopping around for a new laptop? If you use apple products already then having the MacBook Air will serve as a great addition to your collection because of the syncing of your devices which makes for convenient use.

3.2022 Apple iPad Air- Sis elevate your content creation with an iPad. If you have a business or brand that involves graphic design then an iPad is perfect for designing and getting to the details.

4. FIFINE USB Microphone- Looking to start your podcast, elevate your audio quality and do more voiceovers sis this Mic has amazing sound quality, and paired with the Apple USB-C you can connect it to your MacBook and get to recording.

5. Neewer Ring Light- This ring light by Neewer is super bright and will get you right! It works great for photoshoots, videos, and bigger groups because of the size.

6. Phone & Camera Tripod- If you are a lifestyle content creator and don't always have someone there to be your photographer this tripod will get the job done, because of the height it can be used to capture different heights & angels to get that million dollar photo for the gram.

7. Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection& Fast Charge- Want to feel extra Boujee but on a Budget? this Stylus Pen is a dupe for the Apple Pencil, it pairs well with the iPad and has almost every function as an Apple Pencil for a fraction of the cost!

8. Apple USB-C- This tool is to be paired with any USB mic but more specifically the FIFINE Mic to connect to your apple devices.

9. Apple EarPods Headphones- While AirPods and wireless headphones are great these OG headphones from Apple have a mic that is perfect for voiceovers and will give you better sound quality than a wireless set.

If you enjoyed these products you can find more alike on the BlackBoujeeBeauty Storefront.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase through a link.

Until next time Beautiful!

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