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Fitness Apparel & Accessories Guide

Hey Sis, how are you? A goal for a lot of us in 2023 has been to build consistent and healthy habits by incorporating more exercise and drinking water into our daily routines! Here are 9 investments that will enhance and elevate you in your fitness journey!

  1. Kaptron Gym Water Bottle- This lightweight, BPA-free, and leak-proof water bottle is not only great for the gym but everyday use! This 2.2L large motivational water bottle can help you boost your daily water intake and at the same time motivate you.

  2. Sweet Sweat Enhancer- This roll-on sweat enhancer is an amazing addition to any workout because of its ability to maximize your sweat at a faster rate. Check out this product to elevate your routine!

  3. Black Yoga Mat- In need of a sturdy and firm yoga mat that won't slip from under you? This extra-thick yoga mat by amazon gets the job done! Whether you're practicing yoga or getting your workout on this is an easily transportable and reliable yoga mat.

  4. Active Wear Headband- Sis, how many times have you felt apprehensive to work out because of the worry of your edges sweating out? We have all been there but with this edge-protecting headband, the stress of worrying is over because this will keep your edges laid while building up a sweat!

  5. Fitness Journal- Tracking your progress is a great way to measure your progress. You can also track your goals, take notes, and work out routines. This fitness journal is a great way to increase your self-efficacy.

  6. Resistance Bands- Resistance bands are a great cost-effective way to sculpt your body and make your exercise routine fun! With the carrying weights for each resistance band, you can grow your tolerance at your leisure.

  7. Women's Seamless Yoga Leggings- These leggings are super flattering, super comfortable, and designed to shape around your waist while providing tummy control which makes these great for working out and for being on the go. In these, you will not have to worry about the band slipping down because of the great non-slip design.

  8. Full Zip Running Track Jacket- This Jacket has been proclaimed to be a door for Lulu Lemon's track jacket at a much more budget-friendly price tag. Not only is this jacket flattering but provides comfort and durability for any workout.

  9. SeamlessSports bra- One of the most important aspects of having a comfortable workout is a great supportive bra and that is why this seamless bra is on the list because of its 3D wrapping that prevents chest displacement while providing support and coverage.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase through a link.

Sis, did you enjoy these items and want access to more like them? Head over to the BlackBoujeeBeauty Storefront and make sure to tag @blackboujeebeauty on Instagram so that we can discuss how these boujee buys are enhancing your life!

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