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How To Travel Like A Pro 102

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Welcome back for the second How To Travel Like A Pro Series installment! In this part, we will discuss the essential steps you should take before your departure date and handling these Airports. Have anxiety when it comes to flying? I got you, sis.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link.


Creating a budget and putting money aside leading up to your trip is a great idea when traveling because you do not want to find yourself last minute having to pull money from a hat before your trip. When traveling, you want to enjoy yourself as much as possible and make the most of your time; having a budget will help you stay on top of your spending across the duration of your trip.

When creating a budget for your vacation, you have to understand the average spending on things such as food and drinks, transportation, and activities. For example, traveling from America to parts of Europe where the Euro is the primary currency, I know that my money is at a lesser value than the European currency, so I have to prepare myself to lose money once the cash is converted so I would save more money as a result of that. On the other hand, if I am traveling to parts of Asia such as Thailand, I know that the USD has a greater, more excellent value than the Thai Baht, so I am getting more in return. From there, knowing that information next, I would look into what the prices are; I would look into the prices at restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractions that I am interested in visiting.

Conversion rates are also constantly changing; for example, as of 1/28/22, 1 Euro equates to 90 cents USD. For every dollar I convert to a Euro, I lose 10 cents. If I convert 100 USD, I will receive 89,58 euros in return before the fees that will be taken out to convert that money.

Another factor you want to consider when deciding a budget for your trip is emergencies. It would be best if you always tried to be prepared for emergencies or the unexpected, so bringing extra cash or having a credit card for those situations will save you stress.

✨If you have to convert money to a different currency before your departure, you will most likely get a better rate of return at your preferred bank or credit union than at an airport or ATM upon arrival.

✨If you are using an ATM, it is better to take out more significant amounts of money at a time to avoid numerous ATM fees.

✨Buy travelers insurance to protect yourself, your co, and your belongings.

International Phone Plans

This is a great option to look into when traveling, as you can save yourself a lot of money if you plan on using your phone while away. These plans include unlimited data, texting, and calling within a fixed price. Instead of being charged per text or phone call, you would only be charged for the entire day at a flat rate, I know that AT&T has an international travel plan that costs $10 per day that gives you unlimited data, calling, and text while away. Some other options are buying a SIM card that you can use with a burner phone or a SIM sticker that you can use with your current device. I prefer the first option as it can be the most convenient and least time consuming time-consuming. To set this up, you can call your phone carrier or do it online, and you will see these charges appear when you receive your monthly billing statement.

Packing Essentials

Packing for a trip is one of the last things you must do before leaving, but it is often put off until the previous minute. Something that I would recommend is packing at least two weeks before you go. Having your luggage out allows you to constantly see if you are missing anything in your bag or if you decide to switch out something. Giving yourself the extra time to pack will also put you at ease, knowing that you now have that out of the way and can focus on anything else you may need to do next.

I had the habit of packing without having specific outfit looks in mind and solely on what I thought I would want to wear. This often resulted in feeling like I did not pack enough or I could have packed something else instead if only I had a clear vision made me feel like I did not pack enough or I could have packed something else if only I had a clear idea of what I would be wearing. Creating out t concepts has been helpful for me under-pack or under-pack. So I will go into packing now by saying I will fill this specific shirt to wear with these pants on this day and with these shoes instead of compiling clothing together and then trying to put an outfit together.

✨When packing, a make tip is to make a checklist of the items you need to have you need in your suitcase. That way, you have a better chance of something not getting left behind.

✨Travel sizes are best n d hair products as they are easier to pack in toiletry bags, saving more space in your luggage.

✨If traveling internationally, please research what outlet plugs are used. You can purchase an adapter converter on Amazon or when you reach your destination, but there also may be the chance of paying unnecessarily higher prices due to tourist scams.

Activities & Excursions

A few common questions are, "How did you find this place?" or "Where did you book this? When it comes to activities, excursions, and restaurants, the answer is by watching traveling vlogs of others who are visiting the same place that I am and who also share the same interest. I love to watch travel vlogs, but more importantly, I love seeing Black women traveling because seeing the girls also visit places that I wish to as well and seeing them there only motivates me to do the same thing and to remember to live the life that I want to live with my aspirations at the forefront. A few of my favorite travel vloggers are...

Lydia Dinga

Amina Cocoa

Grandy K


Sherlina Nym

These women are not only dope at traveling but make great excellent lifestyle content that is worth checking out!

✨If you have the option of making reservations, I recommend doing that because, in the end, it can save you time and prohibits you from wasting time that could be put elsewhere. By wasting time, I mean waiting hours for something to open up if no bookings are available; we do not rely on cancellations!

✨Travel Guides on sites such as Pinterest are another great outlet because they can provide information on places you are better off staying away from.

✨Trip Advisor is great for booking all sorts of travel entertainment such as shows, travel photoshoots, tours, and the list goes on. Make sure to read the reviews!

✨Ask the locals. If you are comfortable asking the locals for their opinions, go for it! Getting insight from someone who lives in a place you are only visiting is more likely to recommend fewer tourists and will be significant because sites save you money.

✨Make sure you are getting a fair deal. If you've ever visited TripAdvisor-lining, then you know that, for example, if there is an activity such as zip-that, you can also see others offering zip if you ever stayed at a resort or hotel, contributing to book excursions through them. Comparing the prices, convenience, and what you are getting for that price is critical.


When you are traveling to a new place for the first time, it can be a little nerve-wracking. If you are visiting somewhere, that does not share the same cultural norms, language, cuisine, and so forth, you must prepare yourself for things like culture shock. The best thing that you can do for yourself is

✨Bopen-mindeded when it comes to trying new things or going places that seem foreign to you

✨learn about the culture beforehand


✨Improvn your language skills if necessary

✨Get familiar with landmarks

✨Plan ahead

✨Ask others for help

Never be ashamed to have your camera or phone out to take pictures and videos, maybe even some vlogging, if that is your thing. You paid your way to be there, so you have every right to snap until your heart is content. Some of us are shyer and can find it challenging to feel comfortable behind the camera in public, so I like to tell myself that I will only be there for a certain amount. And it is essential to capture any memories that I want to remember and that the people surrounding me are paying me no mind.

I have grown to love the time spent in Airports because It reminds me that I am one step closer to reaching my destination. If you were planning a trip for months in advance and finally, it's time to leave for the airport, you know what that feeling is liGoingoing through the airport can be rigorous and stressful for some while fun for others. Here is my best advice for how to make the airport process more tolerable.

✨If you are flying internationally, you should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time. Leaving for the airport last minute and having that stress on you of now having to run through the airport and getting held up by lines, potentially missing your flight, is NOT IT? There are? So many factors can delay you from reaching t, such as traffic, road detours, and construction, so please give yourself enough to get to the airport and go through security and check in with time on your side. HavingYouhaving you have time on your side at the airport is so important.

✨Make sure to look through any bags not going through check-in for check-inside and items that are not accepted at security. Am I the only person that still gets nervous at guard? Knowing damn well, there is nothing in my bag. Add your boarding pass to your phone wallet and have a printed copy on hand.

✨If you rather not deal with the long queues, TSA pre-check, or Global Entry. Global entry is a customs and border program that will expedite you through customs and check, but only if you are pre-approved, which is a process on its own. TSA pre-check is an expedited security screening that allows you to go through check-in quickly and breezy. As far as I know, these two programs are only offered for people traveling from the US and a few other countries. Still, you can check out more information on the similarities, differences, and benefits of TSA pre-check &Global Entry here!

✨I recommend bringing a toiletries case in your bag with travel-size products if you want to freshen up on your flight. I know my skin gets very dehydrated after a flight, so now I make sure to pack a travel size of a hydrating moisturizer and lip balm. One of my favorite moisturizers to travel with is the Olehenriksen C-rush gel moisturizer. They also sell the mini version of this in conjunction with their brightening eye cream, which is another favorite of mine. A little does go a long way with these products. You will get many uses out of them

✨You can bring food into the airport if you get it checked with your belongings at security. I did not know this for a very long time, so I always opted for the food options available to matin the airport, but as we all know, airport food can be much higher in pricing, so try bringing some snacks with you or a meal before you arrive.

✨Invest in a portable charger. Sometimes your gate or flight may not have readily available charging stations or outlets, so investing in a portable charger is wise because you can also use that when you are out and about on your vacation. You see that your battery is running low. You do not have to worry about it dying because you have a portable charger.

✨Now, if you want to be miss Bad and Boujee, airport lounges will give you that luxury feeling, but you must be a member of the designated airline's programs which comes with a price. Usually,y these programs require you to have a membership or status at a certain level and fly business or first class to access the lounge. In these long, you can find more comfortable seating as you are waiting at your gate and an r and food available. One goal of mine for 2022 is to become a member of one of these programs. As I plan on traveling more in the upcoming years, I want to elevate how I travel and get the most benefits from it.

Flying with Fear

Flying is not for everyone, just like driving may not be, and that is perfectly okay, but if you find yourself having feelings of fear or anxiety about flying, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to separate your conscious from those intrusive thoughts or feelings to bring your mind peace and stability. Some exercises that I recommend are

✨Practice breathing techniques to calm your mind and heart if you feel it beating harder than usual or your body temperature rising. The old trick of counting to ten while inhaling and exhaling is helpful if you focus on just breathing at that moment.

✨Think of something you enjoy doing to focus your mind on, steering intrusive thoughts causing your fear. That can be listening to a certain kind of music, reading a book, drawing, or watching a TV show or movie to distract you.

✨Visualize a flight that feels easygoing and calm to you. If you could have the perfect flight getaway on a mission to annatto your destination safely, visualize what that would look and feel like, and think of the happiness you're going to you will feel once you have landed. Now you can step off that plane knowing that you did not let your fear overcome you, and now you are on your way to creating a beautiful vacation, enjoying yourself the entire time.

✨Those affirmations you have been telling yourself repeat at that moment and again if you have to.

✨Try meditating to center yourself and reconnect with your mind and emotions.

Sometimes our fear and anxiety can still overcome us at that moment, and if you find yourself not feeling safe or well enough, please alert anyone nearby; let's try not to fight these moments alone if we do not have to. Remember, try not to accept the feeling of embarrassment or shame; instead, think of how you can work on your fear and different methods that you can look into for the next time to overcome.

I enjoyed writing this series for you all because I know that so many of us would love to be able to travel more, but we may have obstacles holding us back right now. Still, when we are able and ready, we can always refer back to this guide for what has hopefully been of help to you. I want to see all of you ng the world and live out your dreams, meet new people and build relationships, go on adventures, and open your mind to new ideas & experiences.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe for Valentine's Day, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you all. I hope these guides will come in handy for you one day, and I can't wait to hear about your future adventures and tips!

If you haven’t gotten the chance already, check out Traveling 101✈️✨

Have that trip coming up, or are you planning to travel internationally and not sure what to bring? Don't worry, Sis, I got you! Download The Boujee Beauty International Travel Must Haves to access your travel essentials instantly!

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