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Fall & Winter Fashion Favorites!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022


Tall Khaki Maxi Belted Coat

This Olive Green Maxi Belted coat from PrettyLittleThing has been a favorite of mine during this season. It has great weight to it, feels luxurious and does an amazing job at keeping me warm. The belt is a great way to accentuate your figure in a form fitting way. The only con to this jacket for me is that the pockets are faux pockets so there's no where to stuff your hands if you're cold. This jacket is easy to pare with just about anything as you can dress it up or down depending on how you're feeling. I ordered mine in a size 6(medium) and find that it has a lot of room for movement.

Chocolate PU Contrast Coat

Another favorite of mine from PLT is this chocolate contrasted with faux leather trench coat that I ordered in a size six. Just like the Olive maxi belted coat this jacket is giving quality and luxury. As of 12/13/21 this jacket is currently sold out in all sizes on the PLT website but there is a good chance it may come back in stock as I waited a month after seeing that it was sold out for it to reappear on the site and sell out again fast!Upon receiving the jacket I was nervous that a running theme for PLT coats would be non existent pockets but unlike the Olive belted coat the pockets on this one are real! and they are deep leaving you with a lot of room for protecting your hands. Another detail that I love about the jacket are the tortoise buttons. We all know that Brown is just that color in fashion right now and with the unique contrast of the brown faux leather I knew I had to have this piece in my closet.

Cream Aviator Jacket

The classic Aviator style jacket is one of my favorites for the fall & winter seasons. This shade of cream on brown skin is so beautiful. I feel so radiant whenever I wear this color. The jacket has that edgy biker style while still being feminine, I love pairing this piece with other cream shaded clothing as well to give a monochromatic look.

Puffer Jackets

Whether it's cropped or long line puffer jackets are great for streetwear or athleisure wear. They're a great option to throw on over something casual and great to pair with puffer style bags that have been a current fashion trend.


Black Faux Leather Chelsea Boots

Chelsea style boots are back and it makes me so happy. Even thought they never really left I appreciate the love that they're getting now. Coming from a girl that used to faithfully wear the classic Doc Martins platform boot I love a chunky boot especially for the Fall and Winter to keep me going through those tough snow storms. These boots from PLT are amazing quality at a fraction of the price for a pair of Doc Martins. Chelsea boots are so versatile as they come in various styles short and long. If you plan on getting these definitely stay true to size. You can wear these boots with thick socks underneath and still have great room atop of your foot.

Faux Leather Heeled Boots

Talk about feeling Sexy and Feminine. These boots give just that. Shein has been mentioned a few times already but if you take your time, look at the reviews, listen to what people are saying about the product you can find great buys on there and these are definitely one! They are very comfy and sturdy for their pice point. I am so obsessed with these boots and now want them in every color, texture, etc.

Olive Coquette Ugg Slippers

We love a good comfy slipper for when we just wanna put something on but still keep it cute. These Ugg Coquette slippers also make as a great gift this Holiday Season! Ugg offers so many different styles of their slippers and boots there's something for everyone.


Telfar x Moose Knuckles Medium Puffer

This item is currently not available on the Telfar website but is available for resale on other sites such as Stockx, Grailed and Depop. I am so grateful that I was able to purchase this bag not once but twice on drop day and for anyone who has ever been through that high intense moment of trying to get a Telfar before it sells out, it's intense but so well worth it. I abosloutley love this bag, it definitely is a head turner whenever I go out. I love the Telfar brand and what they are bringing to the fashion industry, If you haven't already you can check out my Buy Black Series blog post that I did on the company and a step by step tutorial on how to Secure that Bag on drop day!

Buy Black Series: Telfar

Secure That bag! TikTok

Taupe Quilted Clutch

This Quilted Clutch from the Charles and Keith company is a stunner and my oh my they are onto something. Charles & Keith is a great brand for my budgeting beauties out there that still wanna be boujee on a budget. I would most compare the quality and feel somewhere between H&M and Zara’s.Their bags offer premium quality while being more affordable then the higher end brands. The gold hardware on the back accents the taupe beautifully and the chain strap has good weight to it making it feel even more luxurious. They offer so many different styles of bags perfect for any occasion. This bag also comes in white, black and mauve. I might just have to get them all.

End Systemic Racism Tote

Unfortunately, the End Systemic Racism tote bag by Brandon Blackwood is no longer available for purchase on the website, but it is available for resale on websites such as Stockx and Depop. This bag is great for any season with the material being made of canvas so it is light and has two longer straps on the inside, making for a great crossbody bag. I am already waiting to gather looks together for the Summer of 22' with this bag in hand.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this look into my current favorites for this Fall & Winter! All links to the items if still available for purchase will be linked in the photo's🧥🤎✨

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