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Travel Like A Pro 101

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

If you are an avid traveler or interested in traveling more, I have some great tips and advice to make your next trip the best! Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with a partner, or a group of friends and family, here are some helpful things I have learned along the way to having successful vacations.

Choosing your Destination

The first step to action when it comes to planning a getaway is. Choosing the destination that you're going to be traveling to. This can be one of the most complex decisions to make because there are so many beautiful places you probably want to explore in this World. If you become indecisive, one thing to do is leave it up to chance. An example of this would be something simple: choosing a destination out of a hat or using a name generator randomly to decide for you. If you are traveling with another person or a group, this is a fun and intuitive method for choosing where you'll vacation.

When choosing your destination, some factors to consider are the time of the year that you'll be traveling, weather predictions, and the current social climate, as we now have to consider C-19 guidelines, mandates, and restrictions, especially if you are traveling Internationally. A source of information that I like to use to keep myself up to date is Covid-19 Traveler Information.


Please do your research. If you are traveling for the first time, please, please get familiarized with even basic knowledge of where you are traveling to. You do not want to go somewhere and find yourself in a predicament that could have been avoided if you had just done a quick search on that Country or destination area. The basic knowledge that you should look into before you get there is,

Languages spoken


Current events and country relations

Weather predictions

Social mannerisms & norms

Health precautions (example: is the water safe to drink?, vaccination(s) or precautionary preventive treatment to take before entering)

Clothing Norms



Once you have decided where you'll be vacationing now, the next step is to start planning the layout of your trip. When I travel internationally, I usually like to start planning my trip in 4-6 months as this gives you a lot of wiggle room if plans change, to make reservations for activities, and to make reservations for activities, and stack your coins for your trip. When planning a trip, you want it to feel seamless, stress-free, and enjoyable. You want to feel excited about where you are going and not like you rushed into something and start having regrets or apprehensions, not leaving yourself enough time to back out of the trip or make changes. This can lead to having to pay fees, deal with customer service reps for hours on the phone, unresponsive emails, headaches, and stress, and that's just not it. Giving yourself some time will help you feel better prepared and more at ease, leading to a successful getaway.

Now that you've chosen your destination and taken the time to look up the traveling guidelines for that country, the next thing you want to do is start looking at flights. Once you do this, I feel like this is where the idea of the trip starts feeling more real because now you have your dates set in place and a flight Itinerary. That's when you say to yourself, "I'm going to __________!"

I like to use Google Flights for my search because Google compiles information from other booking sites, sometimes giving you a wider arrange of options with varying prices. When booking your flight, if it is Internationally, weekdays will usually have better pricing than weekends. More specifically, Tuesdays are the best day of the week for purchasing as many airlines usually release weekly sales that day, so there is a lot of competition. On the other hand, Fridays are the worst day of the week to book as many business travelers are gearing up for their weekend trips, so flight prices tend to be higher. Some other great tips for when you're booking your flight are.

1. Catching a red eye

Flying at 5 am is not ideal for anyone, but studies show that earlier morning flights tend to be less expensive and are less likely to be delayed, and the beauty of it is that you'll most likely catch a beautiful sunrise as you're in the clouds.

2. Shopping Around

Shop around for pricing. Sometimes the first ticket option you see may be tremendously significant in pricing, but there is also a chance that you can find a better price elsewhere. Searching in incognito mode will also help you as your searches are usually tracked, leading to price changes on something you just viewed ten minutes prior.

3. Connecting flights

I like to avoid layovers as much as I can by paying a slightly higher price for a direct flight, but if you are someone that does not mind the extra flying time, then that can be an option to consider. Depending on the length of your layover, you can also make that spare time more pleasant to go out and explore, creating a mini trip within your getaway.

4. Alternate airports

Depending on where you live, you may have access to more than one airport nearby. Usually, prices will differ depending on which airport you are flying out of, so if there is one that may be a little further away but better in pricing, don't overlook it right away. It may take you more time to get there, but you could also save a decent amount of money that can go into your spending budget for the trip.

Booking your Stay

Okay, now you've chosen your destination; the flight is booked. Now, this is where the fun begins. Now, you have to book your sleeping arrangements, and depending on your trip's vibe, are you staying in a hotel, a resort, an Airbnb, or a rental property? Whatever you decide for your getaway, keep these things in mind.

1. Photos & Reviews

The photos and aesthetics are what captures capture our attention the most. You see a place you like, and the pricing may be great, so you'll book it; it is essential to do your research on research that place and look at the reviews as well. You must look past the picturesque images a hotel or property owner may upload and get honest tea.

What is the surrounding area like?

What are other people that have visited saying about the property?

How close or far is it from the nearest airport and medical treatment center?

Behind the beautiful pictures, is there a maintenance or sanitary problem?

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

How will you travel from the property when you want to explore, partake in activities, or go out to eat?

Do they have fees that will be added when you get there?

2. Communication

If you are staying at an Airbnb or rental property, you want to have good communication with the owner or person managing your booking. If you find a lack of communication and delayed response times, that may not be a good sign of an owner that will be on top of making sure everything for your stay is in order. That is why I also advise you to look at the reviews heavily and what other people have said about their stay before you decide to book.

Building a friendly, excellent rapport with Hotel staffing is also a great tip, but see that it's fully reserved. In that case, for a traveler. Becoming familiarized with names, saying thank you, introducing yourself, leaving a nice bonus at the restaurant or for the cleaning service, and being a bit personable can turn into blessings as you may receive that free room upgrade on your next stay or access to maybe an area of the hotel that you didn't have access to before like an exclusive pool or lounge. If there was a restaurant in the hotel that you were looking forward to getting into but see that it's fully reserved, Suppose there was a restaurant in the hotel that you were looking forward to getting the staff might be more inclined to help you because they have now gotten familiar with you, and this doesn't just apply to the team members it can also apply to other visitors as well. I'm not saying you have to become friends with everybody you pass in the lobby, but sometimes sparking up a mall conversation, holding the elevator door, and being kind to others can also manifest other blessings.

Communication among the person(s) you'll be traveling with is very important. Everyone should always be on the same page and agree when things are done. If you find red flags waving around in the background, do not ignore them. From personal experience, I have learned that you cannot travel anywhere and everywhere with just anybody. As much as we may love our friends and family, I also know that you cannot travel with them anywhere as enjoyable as possible; the trip is seamless and seamless. As stated before, with the elements in your control, you want to make planning a. Unexpected situations do happen that may be out of our control, so we don't want to add any unnecessary stress during this time. If you are finding that the person(s) you are traveling with may not be putting their total effort into making sure you all are meeting your deadlines and crossing things off of your checklist, that can be a to the future of your trip. Planning a trip with other people is like a group project in school; everyone should pull their weight equally. If the energy does not feel right, do not ignore that feeling.

3. Hotel Offers

At times Hotels may have exclusive offers through their website if you book directly with them , such as n extra free night, a percentage off from your trip, or maybe even breakfast being included with your stay. When you're traveling, you want to get the most for the money and time you'll be visiting, so make sure to look into those offers if that interests you.

Checklist & Itineraries

Checklist and Itineraries are always a great help to me when planning out my trip as it helps to keep me organized, know what still needs to be done before my getaway, and also keep track of how my days are going to go, including any activities, reservations and anything else involved during my vacation. I like to use Google Docs and Canva to create my checklists and itineraries, which are easy to make and share with anyone who may be accompanying you on your trip or even loved ones at home just in case of an emergency.

Mood boards for Inspiration

I love creating mood boards on Pinterest for inspiration with clothing looks, hairstyles, makeup, etc. Pinterest is also great for travel guides and checklists on your destination, giving you a way better insight into places to visit and not to visit. They are so fun to make and help you visualize your trip and create the mood you are going for. I am currently planning a trip to Madrid for ValentinesValentine's day and am in the process of creating my mood board which you can view here Madrid 22’ ✨

Shopping & Wishlist

Shopping for a trip hits differently. It's exciting yet can be a bit stressful because you'll most likely be taking pictures and videos more than usual in your outfits while you're away, so you want to ensure that when you step out, YOU'RE STEPPING OUT! The good idea is to start with a wish list of items that you would like to buy; If you are shopping for new pieces for your trip, primarily online, I usually recommend getting that out of the way at least three weeks before you leave to give yourself that time in case your order gets delayed, your items come. They aren't what you thought they would be, or you just don't like them once it arrives. The last thing you want to be stressed about the week of your trip because you don't have enough time to get the items you wanted, so now you're panic shopping, and we all know what that leads to, so please give yourself enough time to shop before your trip.


The energy and mindset you have going into your trip and planning your trip can set the tone for how it will go. If your attitude is in a constant state of worry, fear, and apprehension that something will go bad, then chances are that something will go wrong. Throughout the process of planning any trip that I take, I love to visualize and manifest what will be a fantastic trip filled with beautiful memories, fun times, attracting blessings, and just overall having a trip that I come back from feeling great and excited to share my experience with others. So if you find yourself in that mind frame, try to release yourself from that by romanticizing your trip by saying these affirmations.

"This will be a beautiful trip."

"I am going to feed my body the most amazing food."

"I am going to have the best glass of champagne during dinner."

"Everything is going to work out as planned."

“We will have safe travels everywhere we go.”

I will have a fantastic time with the people I am traveling with.”

Romanticize your trip by visualizing how you will feel getting on the plane and landing safely or the feeling when you're in the restaurant of what that food will taste like or how that glass of champagne will feel on your lips. Visualize the inner peace and happiness you will feel waking up in that beautiful room you booked and the scenery around you; how will that make you feel?

That wraps up Traveling 101! I hope you all enjoyed my advice and tips, and If you are traveling soon or in the future, I hope this blog post serves you for the greater good and helps create your next successful getaway.

In Traveling 102, I will be discussing.


Packing essentials,

Dealing with airports,

✨Booking activities and excursions,

Navigating around a new area,

Download the Boujee Beauty Travel Must Haves to access your travel essentials instantly!

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